In our work, we are building contacts not only with local artists, but also with federal stars. So, we’re not gonna have any problem to organize a concert with a few hundred or even thousand people. OE – has been organizing and hosting concerts for years. During this time, there have been solid experience, dozens of activities of different scales, strong contacts with the performers and groups of different genres.
Preparing concerts
We take care of all the organizational moments:
? Site selection
? Equipment rental
? Stage editing
? Lead selection
? Concluding contracts with artists
? Script writing
? Events Planning
There has been many years of cooperation with many artists, allowing us to work without mediators. That’s why in most cases we have the opportunity to offer exclusive prices and special offers for concert programming. With us, you can be sure that the event will be organized at the highest professional level. We take into account the slightest requests and wishes of client, we are able to surprise and welcome.