Organizing a festival is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or product among the general public. The professional holding of the festival will guarantee attention, and will help to bring the necessary information to potential clients, strengthen the company’s image, facilitate new professional contacts. This kind of activities are generally accompanied by media coverage, which will provide an additional channel for reaching consumers.
Types of festivals
The type of festival you choose depends on the audience for which it is held. Also, is good to know what event is best to connect to the festival. If you want to win the youth’s spot, stop choosing the rock music of a festival, and the best time is the beginning of student holidays. For the promotion and presentation of children’s brands, organizing a festival of children’s creativity is suitable, for example, on Children’s defence Day or the beginning of September. A sophisticated adult audience will appreciate a theater or arts festival, as well as a concert by famous artists.
What are we suggesting?
Don’t be afraid of the complexity of organizing the event. Our agency assumes full responsibility for the festival and guarantees the fulfilment of obligations.
We organize:
? Plan formulation
? Original program
? Number selection
? Presenters and participants selection
? Competitions
? Site selection
? Equipment rental
? Development of the processing
? Event announcement
? Media contact
? Installation of the stage and scenery
? Safety
? Coordination with the authorities
? Expenses control
The rich experience of holding festivals in St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Chisinau of various scales allows us to declare that your event will be held at the highest professional level.